About Me

Transformative Wellness Coaching

Board Certified in Holistic Nursing & Integrative Health & Wellness Nurse Coaching, my work is multi-faceted combining transformative coaching, clinical knowle... Read more

Why In.Spire?

The term ”spire” is rooted in the Latin ‘spir” meaning both BREATHE & SPIRIT. 

The spire being a pointed apex shape, often seen atop churches is a powerful sy... Read more

Honoring the Individual

In.Spire Integrative, is a reflection of my dedication to whole person coaching. I believe that each client is unique and deserves to be honored, respected, and... Read more

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare and Wellness

Part of my work is bridging the many gaps in the currrent paradigm of wellness.

Firstly the relationship between modern medicine and traditional or holistic he... Read more