In.Spire Integrative LLC is bound by HIPAA to protect your privacy, following strict legal and ethical standards. 

This does not apply to publicly available group events.

No. I CAN accept Health Savings Accounts for coaching services a some group events only. Detailed invoice available upon request. It is ultimately up to the client to know their HSA rules and if services are covered. In.Spire Integrative is not liable for misappropriation on behalf of the client. It is always advised that you call your HSA administrator to determine eligibility.

It is always advised to discuss any health and wellness program with your primary care doctor. Integrative wellness coaching and related services are not a substitute for licensed medical care.

No. It is not within my legal or ethical scope to do so. 

While in many places certain psychedelic substances have been made legal or decriminalized, most remain federally illegal.

Please follow your local laws and regulations when determining whether or not to use these substances. 

My work is grounded in harm reduction. I neither advocate for nor suggest one the use of any elicit substance.

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