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Healing for the Mind, Body & Spirit

In.Spired events are always cannabis and plant medicine friendly! ๐ŸŒฑ

Join our events and discover the power of community healing , through, group coaching & somatic modalities such as sound, movement, breathwork, meditation and more!

Heart of Matter ~ December 1st @7pm, Hartford CT

The heart is one of the many miraculous representations of matter. It beats lifeblood to every cell, offers and receives the various forms love, and provides us electricity and animus. It is the energetic center of our very being.

What does it feel like to be love? To be loved?

What inhibits our experience of love as universal energy day in and day out?

How can we release those inhibitions through forgiveness and reclamation of our whole heart in body, mind, and spirit?

Join CeeCee for an evening of In.Spired Movement, Transformative BreatheWork, Tapping, Meditation, and Discussion. This powerful & unique event will bring vital energy to the heart space, initiating physical healing and a greater connection to universal love. In Community we heal.

Be The Medicine

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PASSED Holistic Health EXPO *FREE EVENT* October 15th, 10am-4pm

Join CeeCee and over 75 other Holistic Wellness vendors & speakers at Connecticuts LARGEST Holistic Health Expo!

Curious about various healing modalities, herbal remedies, supplements, and more? Come explore the options Connecticut has to share with the region, shop, sample, and raffle!

CeeCee will be speaking on Mind, Body, Spirit Medicine and the impact of Psilocybin.

*We will also debute our new In.Spired Apothecary Amanita Tincture*

Stop by, say hello, view our products, and sign up for our raffles!

Free Admission

PASSED Psychedelic Healing and the relationship between Holistic and modern medicine. 10/15 2pm

The paradigm shift is upon us and modern medicine is late to the game. While itโ€™s easy for practitioners and doctors to doubt & mistrust each others work, it is far more important for us to integrate our works for the greater good. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of psychedelics. Come enjoy the EXPO and all its Many Speakers!

SOLD OUT/ PASSED Primal Rage ~ November 3rd @7pm

Primal Rage is an energy we each experience, yet most of us suppress. When rage is not expressed it is often internalized and directly towards oneself. This leads to a variety of psychoemotional and physical illness that when not addressed can worsen into patterns of self destruction. Join CeeCee, for an evening of self exploration and expression of rage. Utilizing Archtypes, elements, movement, breathework, meditation and discussion, we will create space for rage to be honored. By allowing, expressing, and sharing rage in a safe, supportive environment, we can tune in to what it is so desperately trying to tell us. In community, we heal.

Be The Medicine

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