Holistic Coaching for Chronic Conditions

Holistic Coaching for Chronic Conditions

Seeking support and management for a diagnosed condition or constellation of difficult symptoms? A holistic approach can open the doors to feeling better when modern medical treatment just may not be enough. Explore lifestyle and functional aspects of the bodies ecosystem applying new protocols for change!

There is more than one approach to any condition & sometimes, certain approaches are simply not a good fit. There are often very nuanced reasons why we have difficulty making health related changes. That’s why having a Board Certified Holistic Nurse Coach can be an excellent partner in your success.


Let’s face it, despite trying your best to do what the doctor says, it’s just not that easy. Together we explore YOU as a whole person, in the drivers seat of your own health. We will work to create personalized solutions and a continued plan of action to bring about improvement and alleviation. You need more than 15 minutes with your doctor to solve ailments a lifetime in the making. With time, dedication, clinical knowledge & integrative approaches, a Holistic Nurse Coach will make an invaluable part of your team!

Need help with:

-Chronic Pain

-Gut health



-High Cholesterol

-Poor sleep



-Cardiac Health

-Long Covid


-Women’s Issues

-Weight Management 

-Other Symptoms, issues, or diagnoses

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40-60 minute session

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