Is Integrative Wellness Coaching Right for Me?

Is Integrative Wellness Coaching Right for Me?

“What is Integrative Wellness Coaching?” Is a question I get a lot. The answer is, it is quite different for everyone. Let’s break it down.

Currently wellness is defined by modern medicine, is strictly physical or behavioral and can be intervened upon only by pharmaceutical, surgical, or biomedical device means. This definition is entirely insufficient. If it was, there wouldn’t be so many people who view medicine through a lense of trauma & distrust. It also means that once the provider prescribes intervention, patients would follow the prescriptive directions and be healed of their condition. We all know this is not the case.  The current state of medicine in its limited application, can often lead to no effect on wellness or even worsening effect.

As an Integrative Practioner, I approach wellness from a view incorporating, Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotion, Environment, Resources, Social constructs, Relational position, & Trauma Informed History. From my perspective, a person that is physically well, may still suffer from poor existential condition due to any of these facets. This means, the current medical paradigm will see this person as completely good, when the persons subjective experience tells them otherwise. The modern medical paradigm does not account for the details of a persons subjective experience. This leaves people feeling, unheard, misunderstood, and sometimes even worse than before seeing a provider.

Integrative Wellness Coaching helps the client identify root connections that contribute to their overall sense of wellness. It incorporates, deep listening, reflective questioning, motivational interviewing, education, and goal setting, bringing power to the clients sense of self direction, connection, and motivation.

Through Integrative work we can make connections identifying relationships between personal history/chronic conditions, spirituality/anxiety symptoms, environment/stagnant life patterns, nutrition/depression, just to name a a few.

Who is Integrative Wellness Coaching Good For?

Anyone from the walking well to those with terminal conditions can benefit from coaching, as the goal in its entirety is to improve present state of Mind-Body-Spirit. A coaching relationship represents a point of connection that revolves solely around the client. If you struggle with a general sense of stagnation or emotional suffering, coaching is for you. If you feel good, but are having trouble achieving your desires in life, coaching is for you. If your have a chronic or terminal condition and you need holistic intervention or emotional processing support, coaching is for you!

~CeeCee Campanelli, RN, HN-BC

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