Isn’t Therapy The Same as Coaching?

Isn’t Therapy The Same as Coaching?

Integrative Wellness Coaching is a new, evidence based tool, to improve ones overall life condition. Compared to traditional psychotherapy there’re are a few key differences.

Many people with emotional and behavioral health disorders are referred to psychotherapists for emotional support and talk therapy. Often focused on the past and its impact on the present, a therapist helps one to discern emotional and behavioral patterns that create discord in life. Therapy is primarily a place for one to vent issues and identify behaviors for modification.

In Coaching, although the past is often discussed and carries relevance to the present, it is primarily focused on what one can do in the NOW to influence our condition and position in the future. It is goal oriented and involves deep reflection upon desires and perceived barriers. For persons who are not in emotional crisis states coaching is a great option!

Coaching like therapy, will ask you to dig deep, provoking insight & inspiration. A good coach will not tell you what to do but instead guide you to your own innate wisdom, through skilled questioning and a variety of cognitive tools. Often a coach will assist you in setting, specific, measurable, attainable, REALISTIC, time-lined goals. This helps to create new perspective and a gentle approach to overcoming perceived barriers.

Where therapy is primarily used as a coping tool adjunct to psychopharmaceuticals, Coaching is a tool for change, regardless of diagnosis or lack thereof.

No matter your goal, be it related to improving relationships, symptoms of chronic conditions, achieving physical goals, emotional goals, financial goals, coaching is a great option for those who are seeking change and forward momentum.

~CeeCee Campanelli, RN, HN-BC

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