Heart of Matter 12/1/2023 7p-9p (Passed/Sold Out)

Heart of Matter 12/1/2023 7p-9p (Passed/Sold Out)

The heart is one of the many miraculous representations of matter. It beats lifeblood to every cell, offers and receives the various forms love, and provides us electricity and animus. It is the energetic center of our very being.

What does it feel like to be love? To be loved?

What inhibits our experience of love as universal energy day in and day out?

How can we release those inhibitions through forgiveness and reclamation of our whole heart in body, mind, and spirit?

Join Chandra “CeeCee” Campanelli, RN, HN-BC, HW-NC-BC for an evening of In.Spired Movement, Transformative BreatheWork, Tapping, Meditation, and Discussion. This powerful & unique event will bring vital energy to the heart space, initiating physical healing and a greater connection to universal love. In Community we heal.

Be The Medicine

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