Warrior Archetype Embodiment (Sold Out/ Event Passed)

Warrior Archetype Embodiment (Sold Out/ Event Passed)

(Sold Out)

Explore the complex presence of the warrior within! 

More than just fighting, the warrior is a multifaceted observer, thinker, and taker of action (or inaction if that is whats called for). 

Touch in with the warrior self through the guidance of CeeCee Campanelli RN, HN-BC. Begin to understand how an overzealous warrior or one who takes a thoughtless emotional approach can be self defeating and harmful. Through ritual acknowledgement and practice we can take a more strategic and peacful approach to challenges, supporting our nervous system, creating self control and discipline.


✅ Yoga Mat

✅Blanket, Pillow, and whatever is needed to create comfort.

✅ Water

✅Comfortable Clothing, that allows for movement.


*If you would like to pay cash at the door, you will need to reach out via the contact form to reserve a spot. 

Purchase Ticket Here 

This event is Cannabis & Plant Medicine Friendly!🌱🌬

*Plan to arrive no more than 15 minutes early. 


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